• "I love the Creaky Sneaky Skeleton. It comes with the cutest book (which my kids insisted on reading daily). The book built excitement in my kids. They couldn't wait to wake up every morning and see what trick the Creaky Sneaky Skeleton was up to. The box it comes in is super organized and lays out all of the days and activities for you. Each night I was able to simply pull out and set up the cutest activities with no thought involved... a total parent win!! The activities were so thought out and engaging. This is a tradition my kids and I look forward to now. It has brought such an excitement to our Halloween season!" - Dakota B. (Rupert, ID)

  • "This kit, that comes with an adorable story about the Creaky Sneaky Skeleton, is full of creative items and the cutest activities. all with little effort needed on may part. (Huge plus!) My kids LOVED their little skeleton, who they lovingly names, Indiana Bones. My daughter told everyone, including the checkout lady in the grocery store, that 'Indiana Bones is SO silly.' Especially when he used her toothbrush to take a bath :) Needless to say, we are total fans of this kit and highly recommend it to any mom looking for fun memories to make with their children! What a fun way to bring extra excitement to the holiday!" - Rivkah W. (Walworth, NY)

  • "The Creaky Sneaky Skeleton is such a fun way to create some Halloween traditions. My daughter loved waking up and searching the house for a new trick he pulled. I'm excited to bring him back this year and see my kids relive the Halloween magic all over again. And the best part is shipping was easy even to APO! - Jennifer B. (Aviano, ITA)

  • "The Creaky Sneaky Skeleton is the cutest thing. The kit makes it so easy!! I love that I didn't have to think about what to do next. Each day was so fun and my kids LOVED it! They have already asked when Creaky is coming back!" - Terisha F. (Lehi, UT)

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